Since Ford's opened its doors, we have been setting the old standard in Men's grooming. 


Our Mission

Our goal is to make every haircut the best experience. We strive to meet the needs of every client. We will listen, and take a complete consultation to make sure we understand your needs. Young or old, the mission is the same, Customer Service. We don't rush anyone out of the chair and we hope you don't mind the occasional wait. With Barbers experienced in the classic straight razor shave or a fade, you will be in good hands at Ford's. When you climb in the chair, it's yours till were done giving you the best possible experience. So come in, have a seat, and strike up an conversation. Or try your skill at checkers. We always have time to talk, if you have time to wait.

A barber (from the Latin barba, "beard") is a person whose occupation is mainly to cut, dress, groom, style and shave men's and boys' hair. A barber's place of work is known as a "barber shop" or a "barber's". Barber shops are also places of social interaction and public discourse. In some instances, barbershops are also public forums. They are the locations of open debates, voicing public concerns, and engaging citizens in discussions about contemporary issues. They were also influential in helping shape male identity.